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Signs That Ankle Surgery is the Right Intervention

Ankle injuries are not uncommon, but all injuries are unique. After trying a number of therapy and treatment options, but your ankle injury doesn’t seem to heal, it might be a sign that surgery is now the next best option.

What is Ankle Surgery?

From ankle fracture surgery to ankle ligament surgery, there are different types of ankle surgery for different injuries.

Serious ankle injuries can cause a fracture, which will lead to the need for surgery. The most common surgery tends to be ankle fracture surgery. 

When a fibula or tibia is fractured, it can heal with a stable internal fixation screwed onto the bone during surgery to help align the bones properly. This will take a few weeks and patients should avoid weight on their ankle for 3 to 10 weeks, depending on the severity of the fracture. In addition, patients should wear a cast or boot and also attend physical therapy for optimal results. 

To determine which surgery is best for your ankle injury, it is imperative to seek an exam from a podiatrist. 

Common Ankle Injuries

Not all ankle injuries require surgery. An ankle sprain can heal with rest and ice, but more severe injuries will need more aggressive treatment such as ankle surgery. 

Ankle Surgery

Ankle fractures will depend on the area of the fracture. This is another reason you should always seek advice from a podiatrist to know the extent and location of the ankle fracture. 

Achilles tendon injuries include ruptures, tears, and even acute tendonitis. When these injuries do not respond to traditional treatment options such as rest, ice, medications, orthotics, and physical therapy, then  is needed. 

Signs Surgery is Needed After Failed Treatment

Always evaluate your injury before treatment, during treatment, and after treatment to ensure that your ankle is healed properly.

After suffering from an ankle sprain or any ankle injury, if your ankle still feels unstable or feels like it will give out, additional treatment like surgery may be needed for relief. 

An ankle sprain or torn ligaments could cause weakness in the ligaments even after treatment. To avoid more significant injuries later on, surgery should be highly considered.

For an ankle fracture to fully heal, the joint must be stable and the only way to determine this is with x-rays. 

A great rule of thumb is to access your ankle after treatment. If you are still experiencing pain and instability, then you should see a podiatrist see if  surgery is needed to properly heal and prevent issues later on. 

The Foot and Ankle Center of Arizona

The Foot and Ankle Center of Arizona offers a number of treatment plans including ankle surgery for ankle sprains, Jones fractures, and other foot and ankle injuries. 

When  is needed to treat your ankle injury, the Arizona Foot and Ankle Center provides you with the finest foot and ankle care to get you back on your feet, using only the highest quality equipment and provides the leading surgical techniques to help you find relief.


Dr. Kris Dinucci