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Arthoscopic Ankle Cartilage Repair

Arthoscopic Ankle Cartilage Repair

Do you have a serious ankle injury? You may require arthoscopic ankle cartilage repair.

This is a minimally invasive procedure designed to repair damaged cartilage within the ankle joint.

When you injure yourself and sustain a cut or a bruise, the cells in your body will heal and regenerate to bring health back to the injured area. Unfortunately, cartilage is unable to do this. Cartilage has a limited ability to regenerate once it has been damaged. This can lead to tissue damage with residual defect to the area. This often results in swelling, persistent pain and restricted mobility.

We offer a Cartilage Replacement procedure which treats the damaged cartilage, reducing pain and increasing joint mobility with a faster recovery time than traditional treatments.

This procedure has delayed or even eliminated the need, in many patients, to have additional surgeries, total joint replacements or fusions.

We place a cartilage graft using arthroscopic guidance, avoiding large incisions and lowering the risk of complications associated with performing an open procedure.

Recovery Following Surgery

Recovery from arthoscopic ankle cartilage repair is typically faster than traditional open joint surgery.

Some patients may be able to stand with the aid of crutches. You’ll likely be instructed to wear a walking cast, splint or even stay off your feet for several weeks.

Our surgeons are committed to getting you back on your feet in the least amount of time.

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