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Excision Of Mortons Neuromas

The excision of mortons neuromas is a procedure designed to alleviate pain or discomfort associated with an enlarged nerve. When a nerve becomes compressed or pinched between the bone or adjacent ligaments holding them together, it creates a painful condition that may require surgery.

Do you need to release pressure surrounding the nerve or the nerve itself within your foot? Our experienced staff is here to help you take the first step to recovery.

Surgical Procedure

The surgeon will position you to maintain optimal visibility. Administered anesthesia will ensure you experience no pain throughout the duration of the operation, your surgeon will sterilize the area before making the incision.

An incision will be made on top of the foot just above the neuroma. After your surgeon has assessed the underlying area, one of two options will present themselves: leave the nerve intact or remove the neuroma altogether. If the nerve is left intact, the weight bearing metatarsal ligament is cut. Cutting this ligament will relieve tension against the nerve. This option also prevents any loss of feeling to the toes.

If your surgeon needs to remove the neuroma, the portion of nerve with neuroma is stripped away and removed, the surrounding ligament also cut in some situations. It is important to note that because the nerve supplies feeling to the toes, your third and fourth toes may experience permanent numbness.

Following Surgery

The incision will be closed using stitches and your foot will carefully be applied a bandage. You’ll be required to wear a post-operative shoe until the stitches are inevitably removed 10-14 days following surgery. The majority of patients find they can wear their everyday walking shoes in a matter of 3 weeks following their operation.

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