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Eczema of the Foot

Eczema encompasses various foot conditions leading to skin inflammation. Its symptoms typically manifest as dry, red, and intensely itchy skin patches, sometimes forming small blisters.

While eczema can affect any body part, including the foot, it’s non-contagious and can develop in both children and adults. Although its exact cause is unknown, individuals with a family history of allergies are more susceptible.

While there’s no cure, the condition is highly manageable with appropriate treatments. Foremost among these is preventing scratching. Cold compresses can be carried out to relieve itching, and lotions and creams are regularly used to preserve skin moisture. Corticosteroid lotions can help reduce inflammation. The initial crucial step towards effective treatment is an accurate diagnosis. After a thorough examination, a foot and ankle surgeon can provide tailored recommendations for the optimal treatment for you or your child.


Dr. Kris Dinucci