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Ankle Fracture Treatment: Ankle fractures are extremely painful injuries that can severely limit your mobility and active lifestyle if not treated properly. The complicated joint includes various bones, tendons, and ligaments that have to heal effectively to keep away from long-term issues.

At Arizona Feet, our crew is aware of the impact ankle fracture treatment can have on your daily life. We provide comprehensive fracture care with the use of trendy treatment tactics to ensure a full recovery. From immobilization and surgical treatment to rehabilitative remedies, our purpose is to restore entire strength and range of motion.

Ankle Fracture Treatment

Don’t allow a damaged ankle to keep you sidelined. Trust the experienced doctors at Arizona Foot to get you back on your feet as quickly as possible. Keep reading to analyze more about our innovative solutions for overcoming ankle fractures competently and effectively.


If you’ve suffered an ankle fracture, don’t delay – seek proper treatment right away. Call 480.342.9999 to request a priority evaluation at our Scottsdale office. 

Personalized Treatment Plans for All Ankle Fracture Types

Not all ankle fractures are the same. The specific bones involved, fracture pattern, displacement, and soft tissue damage determine the ideal treatment approach. That’s why our podiatrists make an effort to thoroughly examine your specific damage earlier than developing a customized care plan.

After obtaining weight-bearing X-rays, CT scans, or MRI imaging, we’ll properly classify and grade the severity of your fracture. We treat all types of ankle fractures, including:

  • Lateral malleolus fractures (outer ankle bone)
  • Medial malleolus fractures (inner ankle bone)  
  • Bimalleolar fractures (both ankle bones broken)
  • Trimalleolar fractures (both ankle bones plus the posterior)
  • Fibula fractures near the ankle joint
  • Pilon fractures involving the shin bone  

Your customized treatment solution depends on age, activity level, bone quality, and fracture complexity. We aim to provide the most advanced yet minimally invasive methods for optimal recovery.

Advanced Surgical Procedures for Severe Fractures  

While some stable, non-displaced fractures can be treated with casts or braces, many ankle injuries require surgery. Our foot and ankle surgeons use cutting-edge technology to specialize in the latest surgical fracture repair techniques.  

Open Reduction & Internal Fixation (ORIF)

We reposition displaced bone pieces into their proper alignment through small incisions. Plates, screws, or wires internally stabilize and compress the fracture.   

Total Ankle Joint Replacement  

For severe pilon fractures or post-traumatic arthritis, prosthetic joint implants may be recommended. Customized 3D-printed devices restore mobility and function.

Arthroscopic Ankle Surgery

Our surgeons can visualize and treat fractures using small cameras and instruments inserted through tiny incisions. Ideal for removing bone fragments or repairing cartilage.

Advantages of our minimally invasive surgical approaches include smaller incisions, reduced soft tissue trauma, faster recovery, fewer complications, and earlier weight-bearing.

Non-Surgical Treatment of Stable Ankle Fractures

For minor, non-displaced fractures without instability, our podiatrists provide comprehensive non-surgical care. This can involve:

Immobilization with Walking Boot

A sturdy, protective boot or cast keeps broken bones stabilized for proper healing. Many boot designs allow early protected weight-bearing.

Stem Cell Injections

Mesenchymal stem cells injected near the fracture site promote regeneration of bone, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons for accelerated recovery.

Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation exercises, stretches, and modalities help regain strength and range of motion while protecting the healing bone.

Regular follow-up X-rays and weight-bearing restrictions are essential during non-surgical treatment as well. This ensures proper bone alignment and prevention of displacement for full fracture healing.

The Road to Recovery After an Ankle Fracture  

Your journey to restoring full mobility begins the moment you step into our office for fracture treatment. We provide you with a comprehensive recovery plan tailored to your needs and goals.

Immediately After Injury

Our priority is immobilizing and protecting the fracture to prevent further damage or displacement. This involves a rigid splint, removable cast boot, or other temporary stabilization.

Initial Treatment Phase

Depending on your fracture complexity and displacement, initial treatment ranges from 4 to 12 weeks with restricted weight-bearing. During this time, any surgical fixation or non-surgical immobilization is performed to stabilize bone alignment.  

Rehabilitative Therapy

Our physical therapy team designs personalized stretches, exercises, and training plans to regain strength and full range of ankle motion gradually. Modalities like electrical stimulation and shockwave therapy accelerate healing.

Your commitment to following our hints for partial weight-bearing, rehabilitation physical exercises, and periodic imaging appointments is important for your final results. Together, we provide full control to repair normal features so that you can resume an active lifestyle accurately.

Reclaim Your Freedom with Proper Fracture Management  

A debilitating ankle injury can severely restrict your mobility and independence for months without effective treatment. That’s why the expert fracture team at Arizona Foot delivers results-driven care compassionately and efficiently.

From initial stabilization and regenerative remedies to specialized surgical upkeep and rehabilitative cures, our complete approach leaves no stone unturned. We include modern-day technologies and evidence-based protocols to facilitate full, fast healing without headaches. 

Our orthopedic foot and ankle surgeons perform advanced minimally invasive procedures to realign displaced fractures and stabilize joints as needed. Meanwhile, integrative modalities like stem cell injections and physical therapy promote accelerated healing for faster function.

Trust that your fracture is in the best hands at Arizona Foot. Call 480.342.9999 today to get started on individualized treatment to regain your pre-injury mobility safely. Don’t let a broken ankle keep you sidelined any longer!

Human-Centered Care for Optimal Recovery  

The prospect of being off your feet is unsettling – we understand the heavy toll an ankle fracture takes on your lifestyle. Simple tasks end up irritating challenges requiring help. You’re pressured to overlook essential milestones at the same time as improving.

At Arizona Foot, your well-being and fracture recovery timeline are our top priorities from start to finish. We supply enormously personalized care in a compassionate, supportive manner that will help you heal quickly whilst maintaining independence.

Our fracture protocols minimize downtime through the judicious use of surgical intervention and advanced healing therapies. Non-invasive solutions are always pursued first unless fracture displacement creates instability. Regenerative treatments, 3D modeling/surgical planning, and progressive rehabilitation get you the best results possible with fewer risks.

Our seasoned team focuses on your needs holistically – not only healing the fracture itself. We additionally help manage pain, prevent headaches, keep joint function, and restore your strength step means step. Our ultimate goal is to maximize your mobility most securely on your precise lifestyle.

Put your fracture recovery in our capable hands! Call us at 480.342.9999 so we can design a comprehensive yet minimally invasive treatment plan just for you. Arizona Foot is here to provide peace of mind and a smooth transition during this difficult time.


Dr. Kris Dinucci

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