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3D Printing Revolutionizing Medicine

Revolutionizing Surgery: Medical 3D Printing

Future surgeons could use 3D printing to make operations safer, faster and more efficient than ever. 3D-printed models of organs, tumors and bones can educate patients and physicians and lend a hand in planning complex surgeries. These models can even be inserted into bodies as replacements.

Many experts believe 3D printing will be the routine tool for surgical procedures in the future, and the lower cost associated with the process could make it a viable solution. In addition, the technology can help the medical device industry design and test new products.

The novel methods are so new that research has not caught up with the trend. But anecdotal evidence tells a powerful story. Some surgeons have used 3D printing technology dozens of times for multiple procedures. As the field grows, surgeons will have even more ways to operate on their patients in the most efficient way possible.  


Dr. Kris Dinucci