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National Park Service Centennial National Park Service Centennial  The National Park Service was created in 1916, and America’s national parks have given us a century of wide open space and natural beauty. Here’s to many centuries to come. They’re yours you know. You own them. Remember last year, the year before, or maybe the year before that? But […]

FDA-Approved Knock-Offs

FDA-Approved Knock-Offs Biotech Drugs Could Safely Save Big Bucks   FDA-Approved Knock-Offs – Copycat versions of biotech drugs work just as well as the originals and cost a lot less, according to an analysis of studies of the medicines. The analysis by researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health finds that so-called biosimilars […]

Olympic Sports Foot Injuries 2

     Olympic Sports Foot Injuries 2 – Basketball Jones’ Fracture Being a basketball player is very tough on your feet. Even with high performance shoes available today, hardwood has very little give to it.  The combination of hardwood, the pounding and twisting motions basketball players make, and the individual athletes’ foot shape, contribute to […]

Olympic Sports Foot Injuries

Olympic Sports Foot Injuries Gymnastics – Olympic Sports Foot Injuries Injuries to the foot and ankle are common in gymnastics. Acute injuries are usually sprains which can be minor or more serious. Swelling, bruising and tenderness directly over the bones are signs of a more serious injury. Minor injuries typically have tenderness limited to one […]