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Success, Failure in Diabetic Neuropathy

Success, Failure in Diabetic Neuropathy

Success, Failure in Diabetic Neuropathy – The American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) most recent guidelines revise neuropathy recommendations last published in 2004. The document, published in Diabetes Care, addresses prevention and management of distal symmetric polyneuropathy*, diabetic autonomic neuropathies, including cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy**, and other forms of neuropathy. According to the authors, electrophysiologic testing or referral […]

Get The Most Out of introduce arthritis medicine

Bunionette Correction

Arthritis Patients – Personalizing Medicine Arthritis Patients Joint injury can lead to post-traumatic osteoarthritis (PTOA). In fact, about half of all people who rupture the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in their knee will develop PTOA within 10 to 20 years of the injury. But the molecular and cellular mechanisms leading to cartilage degeneration or PTOA […]

Increased Use of Mobile Devices in Clinical Settings

Mobile Device Use Increasing

Mobile Device Use Increasing Study shows increased use of mobile devices in clinical settings Mobile device use as a tool in the clinical setting among orthopedic surgeons and trainees has increased during a 48-month period, according to results. 

What You Should Know About Testing To Assess Fall Risk?


DPMs Impact Fall Prevention Preventing Falls In The Elderly: Where DPMs Can Have An Impact, DPMs Impact Fall Prevention –  One in three adults over the age of 65 falls each year, and half of these people fall multiple times. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that falls are the leading cause of injury-related […]

Exploring Use Of Biomedical Device Data


National Security Agency (NSA) Exploring Use Of Biomedical Device Data The National Security Agency (NSA) is interested in collecting information from biomedical devices for national security purposes, according to recent statements made by the agency’s deputy director, Richard Ledgett. Under- and unprotected devices in the Internet of Things (IoT)*, including medical devices, could be both […]

The One Place You Don’t Want to Be Thinner


Fat Pad Atrophy The One Place You Don’t Want to Be Thinner – Fat Pad Atrophy Given the potential of plantar fat pad atrophy to cause significant pain and adverse effects on function, particularly in patients with diabetes, these authors discuss keys to making an accurate diagnosis and outline current treatment options.   History  Our […]

Rheumatoid Arthritis Research

Rheumatoid Arthritis Research

Rheumatoid Arthritis Research Indicates Serotonin Could be New Target for Therapies Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic painful disease. Characterized by abnormal inflammation, stiffness, and swelling of the joints, leading to limited motion and function. Although the definite cause of rheumatoid arthritis is still unknown, growing evidence shows a crucial involvement of autoimmunity. Serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine, […]

Future Comes to Medical Practices: What AI Means for Healthcare


The Wearable Future Comes to Medical Practices Wearable Future For Doctors, Smart glasses and other wearable technologies could become as ubiquitous in the exam room as a stethoscope or blood pressure cuff, giving doctors not only another tool to deliver quality care but helping to bolster their personal connections with patients. “There is a real […]

The most common causes of death are heart disease


Elderly Non-Hip Fractures – An article from the University of Helsinki, Finland Elderly Non-Hip Fractures – Hip fracture in the elderly is the most common fracture requiring hospitalization. Most of the fracture and mortality research has concentrated on hip-fracture mortality in elderly patients. These fractures are frequently related to low bone mineral density and are […]

Patient attitude towards diabetic foot ulcers has significant impact

Diabetic Patients

Diabetic Patients’ Attitude Affects Survival New research by health psychologists has shown that the beliefs and expectations of people with diabetic foot ulcers about their illness have a significant independent effect on their survival. The study was led by researchers at The University of Nottingham. It set out to expand on an area of previous […]

How to Improve the Speed of Your Medical Device’s Time-to-Market

Health Devices to Market

Speeding Health Devices to Market The FDA’s Expedited Access Pathway (EAP) program, launched in April 2015, is designed to help speed innovative and life-saving Health devices to market. Speeding Health Devices to Market – FDA’s Expedited Access Pathway (EAP) Program – A year-old FDA program designed to help innovative m Health companies speed their potentially life-saving […]

FDA-Approved Knock-Offs


FDA-Approved Knock-Offs Biotech Drugs Could Safely Save Big Bucks FDA-Approved Knock-Offs – Copycat versions of biotech drugs work just as well as the originals and cost a lot less, according to an analysis of studies of the medicines. The analysis by researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health finds that so-called biosimilars — […]

Telehealth and Health Care Access

Telehealth and Health Care

Telehealth and Health Care Access Telehealth and Health Care Access  There is a great deal of enthusiasm about telehealth these days and, in truth, there is a lot to be excited about. Telehealth can bring medical care into communities with limited access to providers or facilities, reduce wait times, and improve convenience. However, a key […]

Smoking Affects The Patellar, Achilles Tendon


Another Reason to Quit Another reason to quit, the list of reasons you shouldn’t smoke has gotten longer. Researchers in Turkey have found that cigarette smokers have significantly thinner Achilles and patellar (knee cap) tendons. Objectives—The aim of this study was to explore the sonographic (ultrasound) and elastographic properties of patellar and Achilles tendons in smoking […]