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Protect Feet & Ankles During Fall Yardwork

Protect Feet & Ankles During Fall Yardwork

Protect Feet & Ankles During Fall Yardwork – As you rake leaves this fall and prepare your yard for the winter ahead, follow these tips to help keep your feet and ankles safe from injury:

Feet & Ankles During Fall Yardwork

  • Wear the right shoes. No matter how mild the weather may be, don’t wear sandals.
  • Wear sturdy leather shoes with support to protect your feet from sharp objects, including the blades from power equipment.
  • Keep children away from leaf blowers, power lawnmowers and chainsaws. These should not be left out where kids are playing or where other inexperienced users have access.
  • Don’t work on wet surfaces. You could slip and injure your foot or ankle when carrying heavy loads across wet grass or leaves.
  • Warm up and stretch before starting yardwork.  Yardwork can be just as strenuous as a workout at the gym. Warm up and perform stretching exercises prior to any tasks to avoid stressing the muscles and tendons in your feet, ankles and calves.

If you experience a foot or ankle injury while tending to your lawn this fall, seek emergency care if necessary and then follow up with a foot and ankle surgeon in your area.


Dr. Kris Dinucci