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Prescribed by foot and ankle specialists, custom orthotics is a specific type of medical aid, distinct from over-the-counter shoe inserts and arch supports. Orthotics serve dual roles; they are designed to alleviate pressure on distinguished regions, aiding conditions like bursitis, calluses, and ulcers. But also to improve the foot’s mechanical function in situations along with tendonitis and fasciitis, among others. Additionally, orthotics offer vital guidance and alignment for the foot and decrease extremities.

Precise foot impression-taking is crucial for effective orthotic function. Various methods include laser scanning, the impression in a foam box, or creating a plaster cast, each ensuring the device is tailored perfectly to the individual’s foot contour.

Using orthotics makes postponing surgical intervention possible, particularly when immediate surgery isn’t a viable option. Or if a young patient needs to wait for growth plates to mature. Furthermore, orthotics can contribute to pain relief post-surgery, especially in instances where the surgical outcomes were less than ideal.


Dr. Kris Dinucci