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Ankle Pain

If you're suffering from ankle pain, you're far from alone - it's one of the most common musculoskeletal issues impacting people of all ages. From sprains and arthritis to tendonitis and instability, ankle problems can develop for many different reasons. Fortunately, the experienced team at Arizona Foot provides expert ankle pain treatment tailored to your specific condition.

Located at 7304 E Deer Valley Road Ste #100 in Scottsdale, our state-of-the-art podiatry practice offers the latest diagnostic and treatment options for all types of ankle pain and injuries. Under the experienced leadership of Dr. Kris DiNucci, DPM FACFAS, we help patients throughout the region find relief and get back on their feet.

Types of Ankle Pain We Treat

At Arizona Foot, we have extensive experience treating ankle pain stemming from a variety of underlying causes, including:

Ankle Sprains

One of the most common culprits, ankle sprains occur when the ligaments stabilizing the joint are stretched or torn, often due to rolling or twisting the ankle.

Ankle Arthritis 

Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other arthritic conditions can cause chronic ankle joint inflammation and pain, reducing mobility.

Achilles Tendonitis

This overuse injury involves inflammation of the Achilles tendon which connects the calf muscles to the heel bone. It often causes outside ankle pain.

Peroneal Tendonitis 

The peroneal tendons run along the outside of the ankle and can become inflamed, resulting in lateral (outside) ankle pain.

Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

Strain on the posterior tibial tendon on the inside of the ankle leads to pain along the arch and instability. This condition requires prompt inside ankle pain treatment.  

Fractures & Breaks

Ankle bones can break from injuries like falls, car accidents or severe sprains/twists, causing anterior (front) ankle pain.

Arthritis at the Foot/Ankle Joint

Inflammatory joint diseases like rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis often affect the ankle and foot joints, resulting in pain, swelling and stiffness.  

Whether your ankle problems manifests on the inside, outside, front or throughout the entire joint, the Arizona Foot team has solutions to address the root cause.

Ankle Pain

Our Comprehensive Approach to Ankle Pain Treatment

When you visit Arizona Foot for an evaluation of your ankle pain, Dr. DiNucci and staff will take a comprehensive approach to:

1. Accurately Diagnose the Underlying Cause

In many cases, X-rays, ultrasound, MRI or other imaging tests are ordered to assess ankle joint damage and identify the precise source of your symptoms. This ensures the most effective treatment plan.

2. Provide Immediate Pain Relief

Depending on your condition, treatments like immobilization with a boot or brace, medications, steroid injections or physical therapy may be recommended to alleviate ankle discomfort.

3. Heal the Injury or Address the Root Cause

For ankle sprains, tendonitis or other acute injuries, treatment focuses on facilitating healing through bracing, immobilization, physical therapy and other restorative techniques.  

4. Prevent Future Ankle Pain & Problems

For chronic conditions like arthritis or instability, the goal is correcting any biomechanical issues and stabilizing the joint to prevent symptom progression and further damage.

Potential ankle problems treatments utilized include:

  • Customized ankle braces, orthotics and footwear
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitative exercises
  • Walking boots and casts for immobilization 
  • Anti-inflammatory medications and steroid injections
  • Advanced options like viscosupplementation injections
  • Minor procedures to remove bone spurs or repair tendons
  • Surgical intervention for severe sprains, instability or arthritis

Our team takes a personalized, multidisciplinary approach - combining the expertise of Dr. DiNucci, physical therapists, orthotic specialists and other professionals to fully resolve your ankle issues.

Why Choose Arizona Foot for Your Ankle Pain Treatment?

When it comes to addressing ankle problems and injuries, Arizona Foot offers numerous advantages:  

Highly Credentialed Ankle Specialist 

As a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. DiNucci has extensive specialized training in accurately diagnosing and treating even the most complex ankle conditions. His skills ensure superior outcomes.

State-of-the-Art Facility & Technology

Our modern Scottsdale podiatry office is equipped with advanced imaging systems, gait analysis technology, and other tools to facilitate precise diagnosis and customized treatment plans.

Comprehensive Treatment Capabilities  

Whether your ankle pain requires conservative care, advanced injections, surgery or anything in between, Arizona Foot offers a comprehensive range of cutting-edge treatment options.   

Personalized Approach

We take the time to understand each patient's unique condition, needs and goals in order to design a tailored treatment plan. Your care is never "one-size-fits-all."

Our Professional Team

In addition to Dr. DiNucci, our experienced Arizona Foot team includes:

  • Certified medical assistants
  • Physical therapists
  • Orthotic Specialists 
  • Surgery scheduler

We collaborate closely as a multidisciplinary team, ensuring comprehensive and coordinated care for each patient's ankle problems or injury.


Don't let chronic or recurrent ankle pain keep you sidelined from your daily activities any longer. The experienced team at Arizona Foot has the expertise to accurately diagnose and effectively treat the cause of your discomfort.

Whether you're suffering from a sprained ankle, arthritis, tendonitis or other ankle injury, our comprehensive ankle pain treatment options in Scottsdale can help you find relief. We take a customized approach, utilizing conservative therapies, advanced options like injections, surgery if needed, and rehabilitation to restore mobility.

If ankle pain is limiting your activity levels or quality of life, we encourage you to schedule an evaluation at Arizona Foot's Scottsdale office. Call 480.342.9999 today or request an appointment online, and take the first step towards getting back on your feet.


Dr. Kris Dinucci