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Keep Feet Safe at the Beach


As millions of people hit the beach for vacation and fun, the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons offer these foot safety tips.

DON’T FORGET SUNSCREEN ON YOUR FEET  Feet get sunburned, too. The skin on your feet is highly susceptible to melanoma and other forms of skin cancer. Apply sunscreen on the tops and bottoms of your feet to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.  40 SPF

PROTECT FROM PUNCTURE WOUNDS & CUTS  Wear shoes to protect your feet from puncture wounds and cuts caused by sea shells, broken glass and other sharp objects. Don’t go in the water if your skin gets cut — bacteria in oceans and lakes can cause infection.

SHIELD YOUR FEET FROM BURNS  Sand, sidewalks and paved surfaces get hot in the summer sun. Wear shoes to protect your soles from getting burned, especially if you have diabetes.

LISTEN TO YOUR FEET  Walking, jogging and playing sports on soft, uneven surfaces like sand frequently leads to arch pain, heel pain, ankle sprains and other injuries. To protect your feet, wear appropriate athletic shoes to provide the heel cushioning and arch support that flip-flops and sandals lack.