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Foot and Ankle Problems in Children

Children experience a variety of foot and ankle problems from overuse injuries, flat foot deformities, to sports injuries and ingrown toe nails.

Having strong, healthy feet allows your child to walk, run, and play in comfort and correct posture. If your child’s feet form correctly, certain types of back and leg pain can be avoided later in life. Many adult foot problems have their origin in childhood. An examination of the lower extremity insures that your child is growing correctly.

In our experience, children’s shoes worn daily and shoes for different sports, e.g., hockey shoes, basketball, baseball shoes, soccer cleats or athletic shoes have limited to no arch support or shock absorption. The abnormal forces on the legs and feet are a primary cause of overuse injury. The most common complaint we see is the child from ages 9-12 with heel pain (calcaneal apophysitis). This pain originates in the heel bone growth plate which closes normally by the age of 12- 14. Arch and shin pain are also related to inadequate support of the foot with lack of shoe use or lack of appropriately supportive shoes.


It is essential children with complaints of foot or ankle pain obtain a personalized evaluation by a foot and ankle specialist.

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