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Lifestyle Tips for Healthy Ligaments & Tendons

A healthy body is more than just your organs and bones, you also need to pay attention to your joints, ligaments, and tendons. Especially when it comes to your feet and legs. And a healthy foundation starts with a healthy lifestyle! What are Tendons & Ligaments? Tendons are thick bundles of collagen that connect muscle […]

Feet Pajamas

New Feet Pajamas? What You Should Know   The following helpful suggestions are  from on-line bloggers’ experiences with Feet Pajamas… Babies Babies spend a lot of time in footed pajamas or similar kinds of clothing. They also spend a great deal of their day being slid into or out of assorted baby holders — swings, […]

Copper Fights Infections

  Copper Fights Infections Best Practices: Using copper to fight infections   Copper fights Infections in Grinell Iowa.  Two years ago, Grinnell (Iowa) Regional Medical Center, a 49-bed rural hospital, began running an experiment. After the thorough scrubdown (terminal cleaning) a room receives after a patient is discharged —germ levels were still rebounding, even when the […]