Why Do I Suffer From Lateral Foot Pain?

Are you experiencing pain on the side of your foot? It is actually very common. Luckily, once properly diagnosed with lateral foot pain, there are ways to treat it, even in the comfort of your own home.  What is Lateral Foot Pain? Lateral foot pain is pain on the outer side of the foot. This […]

Exercises to Do While Your Ankle Heals

If you are experiencing an ankle injury, you must take the time for it to properly heal. While you are trying to stay off your ankle, you might be going crazy not doing anything. Luckily, we have some exercises that you can safely do while your ankle is healing.  Of course, always check with our […]

Healing Ankle Sprains

Did you know that there are different grades of ankle sprains? That means the severity of each ankle sprain is going to differ for each patient. An ankle sprain occurs when the ankle twists, rolls, or turns in an unusual way. This can happen when you are walking, running, or after suffering a fall. In […]

What to Do When It Is Painful to Run

It doesn’t matter if you are an avid runner, just starting out, training for a marathon, or running for leisure to blow off stress. If it hurts to run, you need to figure out why and do something about it. While you are healing, don’t worry, you can still find a workout that isn’t painful […]

Signs That Ankle Surgery is the Right Intervention

Ankle injuries are not uncommon, but all injuries are unique. After trying a number of therapy and treatment options, but your ankle injury doesn’t seem to heal, it might be a sign that surgery is now the next best option. What is Ankle Surgery? From ankle fracture surgery to ankle ligament surgery, there are different […]