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Are You Suffering from Diabetic Foot Pain?

Diabetes is not only dangerous to your overall health, but it also negatively impacts your feet. Some diabetic foot pain can be unbearable, leading to extreme treatment such as surgery, including amputation.

How Diabetes Impacts Your Feet

If you are suffering from diabetes then you could also be experiencing diabetic foot pain and other issues with your feet.

Diabetes can make cuts, blisters, or sores on your feet difficult to heal, as well as increase the risk of infection. Reduction of blood flow due to diabetes also makes the healing process much slower. Diabetes leads to nerve damage in your feet causing numbness and loss of feeling.

When any of these symptoms become serious enough is when complicated surgery and amputation could be needed. Always pay close attention to your feet so you can catch any of these symptoms early on and consult with our foot and ankle doctor in Phoenix to learn how to properly manage diabetic foot pain.

foot print in sand
foot print in sand

Tips to Preventing Diabetic Foot Pain and Issues

In addition to receiving periodic foot exams, there are things you can do to prevent any complications from worsening.

–       Inspect. Look for any unusual swelling, cuts, or blisters. Be proactive when spotting these things.

–       Bathe. Personal hygiene is important and keeping your feet clean can prevent unwanted sores. Especially between your toes. If you have any cuts on your feet, keep them extra clean as well.

–       Moisturize. If your feet are dry, keep them moisturized, especially the heel. Avoid between your toes though as it could cause fungal infection.

–       Special socks. Wear specialized socks that are made for those with diabetes. They have extra cushion, wear higher up on the ankle, but with no elastic tops. These socks also are made out of special fibers that keep feet dry. Especially if your feet get cold at night, keep them warm and dry with these socks.

–       Antiperspirant. If your feet tend to sweat more than you would like, it is safe to apply antiperspirant to your feet when needed

–       Be careful. Never walk around barefoot and watch your blood sugar levels.

The Foot and Ankle Center of Arizona

Prevention is key. If you are concerned about diabetic foot pain or any issues with your feet, visit the Foot and Ankle Center of Arizona for a full examination. We will tailor a personalized treatment plan for you and your needs to get you back on your feet.


Dr. Kris Dinucci