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5 Tips to Speed Up & Improve Your Recovery from Foot Surgery

If you are suffering from a foot injury, such as a sprain or a more serious injury, often times surgery is required to find relief. This can be an overwhelming experience and to get the most out of your surgery, you need to recover. Here are some tips to help you speed up and improve your recovery.

  1.     Rest

This might be a given, but rest is very important. You should always listen to your surgeon and never overdo it. Limited mobility might be difficult to manage, especially at first, but it is important to really listen to your body and to your doctor. Never feel guilty for resting, as you are preventing complications from occurring after a surgical procedure. The best chance of healing is to stay off the injured foot for the time being.

  1.     Nutrition

For a faster recovery, eat healthy! A nutritious diet is important for healing and is often overlooked. Of course, it is important to always be healthy, but especially after surgery. Make sure you are taking plenty of vitamins and minerals to help with a healthy recovery. Eating lean proteins, healthy fats, leafy greens, and foods high in fiber will help to fight off infection and increase your strength and energy.

  1.     Doctor’s Advice & Rehab

For most injuries, you will most likely have to go through some rehabilitation or physical therapy as part of your recovery. This is another time when you need to listen to your doctor and therapist. Try to stick to a schedule and gradually build your strength. Follow your doctor’s instructions on when to start therapy and slowly transition into your normal physical activity.

  1.     Elevate

Elevation is crucial to a fast recovery as it helps with pain and swelling. Elevate above the hip level. This is the most beneficial position as it helps bring blood away to reduce pressure and lessen pain. Also, use ice or ice packs soon after surgery by applying for 20 minutes on and then 20 minutes off. There are also specialized packs for your foot and ankle for a more comfortable application.

  1.     Keep an Eye On Your Injury

After surgery, always pay close attention to notice any complications. If you do experience a complication, report to your doctor right away. When you change your wound dressings, make sure you follow directions carefully to prevent any further damage.


Dr. Kris Dinucci