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Triple Arthrodesis

Is ankle pain affecting your ability to walk? Sustaining an injury, chronic arthritis or genetic disposition can create uncomfortable conditions in the foot, preventing normal activity. Some individuals who experience frequent ankle pain may require corrective surgery.

Triple Arthrodesis is a surgical procedure designed to help relieve pain in the ankle joint and correct deformities in the hind foot caused by serious injury, arthritis and genetic effect.

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Triple Arthrodesis Surgical Procedure

Triple arthrodesis surgery is a surgical procedure that stabilizes the spine by joining three or four affected vertebrae together using bone grafts, a special material called an osteoconductive agent, and screws.

This surgical procedure will fuse the three main joints in the hindfoot that allow for side-to-side movement: the Calcaneo-Cuboid joint, the Subtalar joint and the Taloavicular joint. Following a full recovery, normal use of the foot is restored.

The surgeon will begin by positioning you so that all sides of the foot are clearly visible. An anesthetic will be administered to ensure you experience no pain over the course of the procedure. The surgical site will be cleaned and sterilized before the incision is made.

An incision is made to the outside of the foot just below the ankle – a second incision will then be made to the inside of the ankle. The surgeon will examine the underlying joints and all remaining cartilage between bones of these joints is removed.

The hindfoot will be corrected if misaligned using screws, staples or plates to stabilize the bone joints. A bone graft is packed around the space between bones whenever necessary. This bone graft will allow the bones to fuse together over time.

Following Surgery

The incision is closed with sutures or surgical staples and the foot is carefully placed in a brace or half-cast. A short hospital stay is required following the procedure.

You should avoid placing any weight on the ankle for a period of 6 weeks following surgery. A walking cast will be required for an additional 6 weeks. Full recovery often occurs within 10 months.