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Correction of Painful Flatfoot Deformity

Correction of Painful Flatfoot Deformity

Adult acquired flatfoot is the most common type of flatfoot which requires surgical correction. Commonly it is secondary to the loss of the function of the arch tendon called the Posterior Tibial tendon. The progressive weakening of the tendon allows the foot to collapse and the ankle to tilt inward placing significant stresses on the inside of the foot, ankle, and knee. This deformity progressively worsens and can lead to arthritis of the foot and ankle.


Common treatments include bracing, custom orthotic therapy, shoe changes and activity modifications. When these treatment fail to adequately help the foot and ankle condition surgery to improve the foot alignment and function can be performed.

When daily limitations and pain are present surgery to realign the foot and ankle is performed. Surgery is performed by re-balancing the foot, strengthening the weakened tendon, and lengthening muscle of the short Achilles tendon.

When surgery is performed patients are commonly immobilized in a cast and after the surgery has healed to allow weight bearing placed into a fracture boot.


X-Ray View of Flatfoot Deformity

flatfoot deformity xray

flatfoot deformity xrayflatfoot correction xray

flatfoot correction xray