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Bunion Treatment

Say Goodbye to Bunion Pain with Arizona Foot's Advanced Bunion Treatments

Are bunions making every step painful? Those unsightly bumps at the base of your big toes cause more than just cosmetic concerns. When left untreated, bunions progressively worsen and make walking excruciating.

But you don't have to live with the constant discomfort and risk of complications. At Arizona Foot, our award-winning podiatrists specialize in advanced bunion treatments that get you back on your feet fast.

Bunion Treatment

We utilize brand-new techniques to realign the misshapen bone and dispose of the protruding deformity. Our minimally invasive processes offer a faster recuperation at the same time as preventing recurrences.

From custom orthotics to modern regenerative stem cell injections, consider Arizona Foot for personalized bunion answers. Keep reading to learn the way our modern treatments can put off your bunion pain.


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Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery for Faster Healing

Our surgeons specialize in the latest minimally invasive bunion surgery techniques. These advanced methods allow for smaller incisions than traditional open procedures.

By using concentrated streams of radiation, tiny cameras, and specialized instruments, we can correct bone deformity through tiny entry points. Some advantages of our minimally invasive bunion surgery include:

  • Faster recovery with less postoperative pain
  • Tiny incision size avoids excessive scarring 
  • More preservation of surrounding healthy tissue
  • Lower risk of complications like infection
  • Earlier return to normal activities and shoes
  • Outpatient procedure avoids hospital costs

The type of minimally invasive approach depends on your specific bunion severity and anatomy. Two of the latest advancements we offer include:

Minimally Invasive Lapiplasty®

Using special instruments through two tiny incisions, your surgeon shifts the entire misshapen bone back into alignment. Titanium plates permanently stabilize the straightened joint.

Minimally Invasive Bunionectomy 

For less severe bunions, your surgeon removes the protruding bump through a small incision. Specialized instruments and burrs carefully reshape the joint to prevent recurrence.

In most cases, patients can bear weight immediately after these minimally invasive bunion surgeries. We offer custom 3D orthotics to support healing until shoes fit comfortably again.

Non-Surgical Stem Cell Regenerative Treatment

Regenerative stem cell injection therapy offers an effective, non-surgical option for relieving bunion pain and inflammation. It utilizes potent growth factors from your own concentrated bone marrow.

First, we perform a quick aspiration to extract a sample of your bone marrow from the hip area. The sample gets processed to isolate mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) and protein-rich platelets.

Your surgeon then injects the activated stem cells directly into the inflamed bunion joint and surrounding tissues. The concentrated cells and molecules stimulate:

  • New collagen production and soft tissue regeneration 
  • Formation of new blood vessel growth (angiogenesis)
  • Rapid reduction in pain and swelling
  • Long-term stabilization of the joint to prevent deformity

Many patients experience relief from bunion pain within weeks after just one injection session, as inflammation resolves and damaged tissues begin healing. Stem cell remedy is a perfect solution for the ones wishing to keep away from surgical treatment.

Customized Bunion Relief Through Orthotics and Bracing

Our foot experts offer advanced bunion orthotics and braces to stabilize the toe joint and halt further progression of the deformity.

3D-Printed Orthotics

We design customized 3D-printed orthotics tailored to your unique foot structure and bunion severity. These specialized inserts balance your weight distribution to realign bones and ease pressure on the bunion.

Night Splinting and Bracing

Nocturnal braces and splints reposition the big toe and hold it straight while you sleep. This gradually helps re-align the joint and prevent worsening of the bunion protrusion.

Orthotics and bracing can relieve pain and slow bunion growth in the early stages. More severe bunions require advanced procedures to correct the deformity and realign the bone structure. Schedule an evaluation today to learn your best treatment options.

Don't Let Bunion Pain Keep You Off Your Feet Any Longer

Leaving bunions untreated only allows them to worsen over time. The progressive foot deformity eventually makes walking unbearable due to swelling, stiffness, and pressure on delicate nerve endings.

More serious complications can develop such as:

  • Severe bursitis (inflammation of the fluid-filled sac cushioning the bunion)
  • Hammertoe deformity of the second toe 
  • Extreme pain making it difficult to wear shoes
  • Metatarsalgia and callus formation from abnormal weight shifting
  • Development of arthritis within the misaligned joint

But you can prevent all these painful problems by seeking professional treatment while the bunion is still mild. Our Arizona Foot experts have a multitude of solutions to resolve any stage bunion deformity.

Don't wait until your bunions are bone-deep! Call us today at 480.342.9999 to schedule an evaluation and get ahead of your bunion pain for good.

Revive Your Life Free of Bunion Pain and Embarrassment  

At Arizona Foot, we understand how bunions can take a heavy toll on your daily life and confidence. The constant foot pain makes completing your normal routine excruciating. And you feel self-conscious about your unsightly bump protruding in sandals and open shoes.

But our advanced treatments swiftly eliminate your bunion symptoms so you can walk freely again. We utilize innovative regenerative therapies and minimally invasive surgical techniques to correct the deformity.

Our specialists partner closely with you to devise a personalized bunion plan tailored to your anatomy and goals. Whether it's custom orthotics, stem cell injections, or state-of-the-art realignment procedures, we have a solution to revive your life.

Rediscover the pure joys of living without any foot pain holding you back! Make an appointment with Arizona Foot by calling 480.342.9999 today.


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