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Foot and Ankle Center of Arizona is a leader in foot orthotic therapy in Arizona. Foot orthotics are custom made shoe inserts that are medically proven to eliminate pain and discomfort. Many common complaints such as heel pain, knee pain and lower back pain are caused by poor foot biomechanics. There is much more to a custom foot orthotic than what appears and a significant difference as compared to an arch support.

Orthotics realign the structure of the foot and leg to prevent bone mal-alignment as well as muscle, tendon and ligament fatigue. Not all shoe inserts are identical, there are well made orthotics customized to correct your problem and there are poorly made inserts you may purchase at many retail establishment.

Here are three important components to ensure you receive the best possible orthotic device:

  • An accurate cast of your foot is a very critical process as your foot must be placed in a precise position to ensure the best clinical result.
  • Your prescription should specifically address your problem, your activities and your shoes.
  • A high quality orthotic laboratory should be selected to manufacture the quality you are looking for. We use a laboratory that is considered by many to be the highest quality laboratory in the nation.

Why choose us for your custom foot orthotics?

You have many choices of where to get custom and over the counter orthotics. Foot and Ankle center of Arizona will achieve much better relief of symptoms. Than many other sources and clinics for you. Here is why;

  • Dr. Di Nucci will perform an examination to evaluate your lower extremities and diagnose your problem.
  • He will be sure to take an accurate cast of your feet.
  • Based on Dr. DiNucci’s experience and knowledge. Your orthotics will be sent to an orthotic lab along with your specific prescription.
  • One of the most important parts of orthotic therapy is appropriate follow–up.

Dr. Di Nucci will make sure that you break-in your orthotics for two weeks. If there is something which is not comfortable, he and our experienced medical assistants will work with you to make sure your orthotics are providing the relief you need. Dr. Di Nucci has the ability to troobleshoot and adjust your orthotic fit with over 20+ years experience in orthotic therapy.

Over 90% of the adjustments required can be done in our office and do not require them to be sent to an outside facility. Dr. Di Nucci will provide shoe recommendations for you to obtain the best orthotic result. We hope this will help you in finding an appropriate and comfortable orthotic device for your foot.

Dr. DiNucci commonly evaluates your old orthotics even if they are not made by our office. Please be sure to ask at the time of making your appointment.

For evaluation, call today for an appointment in our convenient north Scottsdale office.