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Achilles Tendon Injuries are Our Specialty

Achilles Tendon Injuries

Welcome to Foot and Ankle Center of Arizona, where we are committed to providing you with the most complete care for your Achilles tendon injury in Scottsdale. Our state-of-the-art office is conveniently located at 7304 E Deer Valley Road Ste #100 and is fully equipped to provide you with top-level treatment for any of your Achilles tendon problems. Our staff of experts, led by renowned podiatrist Dr. Chris Dinucci, DPM FACFAS, helps you get back on your feet pain-free as soon as possible while ensuring long-term foot health.

Expertise in Achilles Tendon Injuries

We specialize in Achilles tendon injuries at Arizona foot and ankle centers. That means we've got you covered whether you run, play sports or just have ankle pain. Our staff consists of people who have seen many different types of Achilles tendon injuries before so they know how to diagnose them right away and treat them properly; Even more often among runners and athletes. From fixing tendinopathy near the ankle bone (intrinsic) and above (non-intrinsic), we are committed to healing tears caused by overuse or accidental trauma.

Comprehensive Services for Achilles Tendon Injuries

Our comprehensive approach to Achilles tendon injuries encompasses a range of services aimed at providing you with personalized care and effective treatment options. From initial diagnosis to rehabilitation, we are with you every step of the way. Our services include:

  • Precise Diagnosis: Our experts perform accurate diagnoses on Achilles tendon injuries using advanced diagnostic techniques such as imaging tests and physical exams to find out how far the damage has gone and its severity.
  • Unique Treatment Programs: We establish personalized treatment programs depending on what best suits your needs considering your specific condition and lifestyle. Whether it calls for conservative measures or surgical procedure, we help you figure out which way to go.
  • Non-surgical Treatments: Various non-surgical treatments are available here like rest, physical therapy, orthotic devices, medications etc., all aimed at relieving pain and fostering recovery.
  • Surgery: If the above methods fail or if there is a tear that can’t be repaired without an operation then our skilled surgeons will take care of everything needed for fixing achilles tendon rupture while ensuring functional restoration.
  • Rehabilitation programs: Designed specifically for each patient so as they can regain safe use of their affected limb by gaining strength back into muscle tissue around joints through stretching exercises flexibility training and other forms of joint mobility work outs which would not only enable them move again but also make sure they move confidently again

Preventing Achilles Tendon Injuries

Prevention of Achilles tendon injuries is crucial for sportspersons and other active individuals. We, at Arizona’s Foot and Ankle Center, advise on how best to avoid such injuries – this involves doing warm-ups correctly, performing stretching exercises and choosing the right kind of footwear among others. When you make these preventive measures part of your daily routine it will minimize the chances of getting hurt thus keeping fit.

Experience the Foot and Ankle Center of Arizona Difference

We strive to offer exceptional care coupled with individualized attention that meets all your expectations here at Arizona’s Foot and Ankle Centre. Our team appreciates how much an injury to your Achilles’ tendon can disrupt normal living hence we are committed towards ensuring successful outcomes in every case. With us by your side during treatment whether one is a professional athlete or simply someone who loves being active; rest assured knowing that nothing less than top-quality services will be provided throughout the process.

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Dr. Kris Dinucci

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