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Jones Fractures

Jones Fractures

Jones Fracture: Foot Pain, Injury, and Misdiagnosis

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Jones Fracture: Foot Pain, Injury, and Misdiagnosis

Feeling a pain near the middle and sides of your foot? Have you injured the area or put great amounts of stress on your feet? A Jones fracture is a fracture which occurs at the proximal end of the fifth metatarsal, which is connected to your little toe. This proximal area is closest to the ankle and can often be confused with a sprain.

Many Jones fractures are due to twisting or rolling the ankle inwards, putting strain on the outside of the foot. This can occur from simply stepping wrong off a curb or stair. The injury is also common in athletes who play sports involving running, jumping, and cutting movements like basketball, tennis and dance. As a result, a Jones fracture is frequently referred to as a "dancer's fracture."

Jones fractures can be easily misdiagnosed as a simple sprain because the symptoms are similar - swelling, bruising and pain in the foot and ankle area. However, if a Jones fracture is present, the pain will be more localized on the outside of the foot where the fifth metatarsal bone attaches to the ankle. Putting weight on the foot will also be extremely painful with a fracture compared to a sprain.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, it is crucial to make an appointment with a podiatrist as soon as possible:

  • Difficulty walking or inability to walk without severe pain
  • Significant swelling on the outside of the foot
  • Bruising on the outside of the foot
  • Tenderness to the touch at the base of the fifth metatarsal bone

Left untreated, a Jones fracture could displace further and fail to heal properly, requiring surgery. At our practice, we utilize the latest imaging techniques like x-rays and CT scans to properly diagnose Jones fractures and other foot and ankle injuries. Depending on the severity, a Jones fracture may be treated with a specialized cast or boot to keep the bones completely immobilized for several weeks. For displaced fractures or nonunions that fail to heal, surgery may be needed to stabilize the area with pins or plates and allow it to properly mend.

Our board-certified podiatrists have years of experience treating Jones fractures and all other sports injuries and conditions affecting the feet and ankles. Don't hesitate to schedule an appointment if you have persistent foot pain or swelling - early diagnosis and treatment is key for a full recovery. We'll get you back on your feet and mobile again as quickly as possible!


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