Elderly Non-Hip Fractures

  Elderly Non-Hip Fractures – An article from the University of Helsinki, Finland Elderly Non-Hip Fractures – Hip fracture in the elderly is the most common fracture requiring hospitalization. Most of the fracture and mortality research has concentrated on hip-fracture mortality in elderly patients. These fractures are frequently related to low bone mineral density and […]

Sprained Ankles Complicated, Misdiagnosed

 Sprained Ankles Complicated, Misdiagnosed   Sprained Ankles Can Be Complicated – and Misdiagnosed.  Ankle sprains may be one of the most common injuries, but they’re also commonly misdiagnosed. That’s because the two major types of sprained ankles—high ankle sprains and lateral ankle sprains—often look the same, even though they affect entirely different ligaments.

Skateboarding Tough on Feet, Ankles

 Skateboarding Tough on Feet, Ankles Surgeons Warn: Skateboarding Tough on Feet, Ankles Skateboarding Tough on Feet, Ankles. Board tricks, repeated foot impact can lead to serious injury. Children and young adults love the thrill of skateboarding. They learn to master their skills of “riding the rail” and “catching air.” But according to the American College […]

Winter’s Balancing Act

 Winter’s Balancing Act Winter’s Balancing Act – The wrong boot could lead to ankle, foot injuries. Winter’s popular women’s boots typically feature tall, spiked heels and narrow, pointed toes. These boots can make your feet unstable on snow- and ice-covered surfaces. A stylish low-heeled winter boot is a lot more fashionable than a cast and […]

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