What is the Difference Between a Broken Ankle and a Torn Ligament?

If you are suffering from ankle pain, it can be hard to tell if you are suffering from a broken ankle or a torn ligament. Once you experience ankle pain, you should see a podiatrist to receive the proper diagnosis and treatment options, possibly ankle ligament reconstruction surgery. What is a Broken Ankle? If you […]

What is Neuroma Foot Surgery

Are you suffering from a painful foot or ankle condition? You might want to explore treatment options like neuroma foot surgery from an experienced podiatrist. Neuroma foot surgery is probably a treatment option that you are not familiar with, but it just might be the right solution for you. First, what is a neuroma? A […]

How to Prepare for Foot or Ankle Surgery

Foot and ankle surgery can be a scary thought, but it can be easier with non-invasive treatments. Of course, you have standard surgery options, but non-surgical options are also available and have proven the be safer and more effective. Either way, you still need to take the time to prepare for your surgery or treatment. […]

Prevent Spring Sports Injuries – Kids

Prevent Spring Sports Injuries – Kids Six Tips to Prevent Kids’ Spring Sports Injuries   Prevent Spring Sports Injuries – Kids  Foot & ankle surgeons stress importance of safe transition from winter to spring sports. In today’s competitive youth sports landscape, many young athletes transition from playing winter to spring activities without considering the increased […]

75 Years ACFAS Leaders, Learners, Life Changers

75 Years ACFAS Leaders, Learners, Life Changers American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons’ Story Continues 75 Years Later 75 Years ACFAS Leaders, Learners, Life Changers – In 1942, five men, average age 31, founded ACFS (now ACFAS). Their goals: To build a profession worthy of respect and recognition. To create an organization that would […]