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Why Do I Suffer From Lateral Foot Pain?

Are you experiencing pain on the side of your foot? It is actually very common. Luckily, once properly diagnosed with lateral foot pain, there are ways to treat it, even in the comfort of your own home.  What is Lateral Foot Pain? Lateral foot pain is pain on the outer side of the foot. This […]

Warning Signs and Preventative Measures for Achilles Tendon Ruptures and Tendonitis in the Foot and Ankle

Achilles Tendon Injuries If something feels off in your foot or heel, do not hesitate to visit your local doctor for an input- you could potentially be on the brink of a much more significant injury, and quick medical treatment can prevent this. In this example, we will be looking at preventative measures and warning […]

I Injured My Ankle: Now What Do I Do?

Commonly patients call the Foot & Ankle Center of Arizona and relate of injuring their Ankle. Here is some helpful information about Ankle sprains and how to care for the injury.  When you sustain an ankle sprain most commonly your ankle turns inward. This is not a natural movement and commonly results in an injury […]

Why Lingering Foot Pain Should Lead You Straight To The Podiatrist

Lingering foot pain, besides being a daily inconvenience, can potentially be the result of a serious underlying issue. Furthermore, not appropriately treating foot pain can be life changing and lead to long term damage. If you’ve been suffering from lingering foot pain, schedule an appointment with a Scottsdale foot doctor as soon as you can.  […]

Fixing Lower Back Pain with Custom Orthotics

There are many causes of lower back pain but one that might be less obvious is poor foot structure or alignment.  Causes of Lower Back Pain If the tendons, ligaments, muscles or bones are mis-alinged in your foot or ankle it can cause pain or discomfort in your feet, knees and lower back. Correcting this […]