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Tailor’s Bunion (Bunionette)

What is a Tailor’s Bunion? A Tailor’s bunion, often referred to as a bunionette, is a bulge of the fifth metatarsal bone located at the pinky toe’s base. The metatarsals are long bones in the foot, and the prominence arises at the head of these bones where they connect to the toes. Although less prevalent […]

Talar Dome Lesion Overview

What Is a Talar Dome Lesion? The ankle is a complex joint integrating the lower end of the tibia (shinbone) and the superior aspect of the talus (anklebone). The talus has a dome shape at its top, which is thoroughly coated with cartilage, a durable, resilient tissue that facilitates smooth ankle motion. An injury to […]

Understanding Tarsal Coalition

What is Tarsal Coalition? A tarsal coalition is a condition involving an abnormal union between two of the tarsal bones located in the rear part of the foot. The irregular connection could be bony, cartilaginous, or fibrous, leading to diminished foot movement and pain on one or both feet. The tarsal bones involved include the […]

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome: Understanding the Anatomy

The anatomical structure known as the tarsal tunnel is a slim passageway that resides on the ankle’s inner side, adjacent to the bones of the ankle – the tarsal bones. The tarsal tunnel’s exterior is safeguarded by a robust ligament called the flexor retinaculum, which serves to shield and maintain the integrity of its internal […]

Tennis Injuries to the Foot and Ankle

Active engagement in tennis demands considerable foot agility. Persistent motion such as lateral movements, as well as abrupt halts and starts, makes the foot and ankle particularly susceptible to injury in the sport. The type of court surface is also a contributing factor, with the rigidity of hard courts presenting greater challenges than the more […]

Tingly Feet

Experiencing Tingly Feet might indicate potential nerve damage. These nerves originate in the lower spine, and any form of pressure or chemical alteration to these nerves might manifest as a tingling feeling. Encountering any unusual sensations could be a preliminary signal of neurological or circulatory issues. Besides the tingling, there might be a loss of […]

Tired Feet

A Common Concern with Multiple Contributing Factors The sensation of fatigued feet is a widespread issue often mentioned, although it isn’t diagnosed as a specific medical condition. It arises as a symptom relating to a variety of underlying health circumstances. The architecture of the foot itself can play a significant role; for instance, individuals with […]

Understanding Syndactyly: A Closer Look at Webbed Toes

Syndactyly, colloquially known as webbed toes, is an uncommon physical attribute wherein an individual possesses two or more toes that are connected by a stretch of skin. This condition manifests at birth, affecting roughly 1 in every 2,000 newborns. The connecting skin may either partially or fully join the toes, creating a web-like appearance. This […]

Weak Ankles Explanation

Weak ankles can stem from past trauma to the ankle area, but sometimes, they are an innate issue present from birth. Those with weak ankles typically experience discomfort and may find their ankles collapsing quite easily during actions such as standing, navigating on foot, or engaging in various physical exertions. Healing from an ankle injury […]

Turf Toe: An In-Depth Look

What Is Turf Toe? Turf toe is not just a quirky name; it’s an actual sports injury that affects the joint of the big toe. This condition typically arises due to significant stress on the joint, leading to a sprain. This sprain results when the big toe joint is extended beyond its normal range of […]

Toe Walking: An In-Depth Look

Toe walking refers to a gait pattern where an individual walks primarily on their toes or the balls of their feet. Toddlers commonly exhibit this behavior as they master the intricacies of walking. During the formative years of learning to walk. It’s not unusual for young children to experiment with different foot positions, including walking […]

Swollen Feet

Understanding the Causes and Recommended Treatments by Foot and Ankle Surgeons Swelling of the feet, also known as pedal edema, is a common condition that can arise from a multitude of underlying issues. These can range from localized problems to systemic health concerns: Trauma: Physical injuries such as sprains, fractures, or blows to the feet […]

Sweaty Feet: An In-Depth Look at the Condition

Feet and hands harbor the highest concentration of sweat glands throughout the human body, with the feet often being the most prolific producers of sweat. This natural cooling system, however, can sometimes go into overdrive, leading to a condition commonly referred to as sweaty feet or plantar hyperhidrosis. Those suffering from excessively sweaty feet can […]

Understanding Stress Fractures in the Foot

Stress fractures are minuscule, hairline breaks within the bones of the foot, often resulting from repetitive force or overuse. These tiny cracks can typically happen due to a variety of reasons, such as excessive training or sporting activities (known as overtraining), engaging in physical activity with improper technique or on unsuitable surfaces, wearing inappropriate footwear […]

Sports Injuries to the Foot and Ankle

Active engagement in sports often comes with an increased risk of injuries, particularly to the feet and ankles, due to the stress and impact they endure during repetitive play. Each game poses a unique set of demanding situations and risks to those lower extremities, as they play a critical role in many athletic sports. In […]