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Why Your Feet Smell?

Feet Smell

Why Your Feet Smell and What to Do About It Why Your Feet Smell, what to do about it, and how to stop it for good. It’s a great article about a very common problem that we all face. There’s a whiff of something in the air that’s distinctly… foot. The Is that me?! panic […]

Pedicure Pointers

Pedicure Pointers

Pedicure Pointers The Dos and Don’ts for Fabulous Feet – Pedicure Pointers Whether you like to get a pedicure in the nail salon or at home, follow these easy Pedicure Pointers Dos and Don’ts to keep your feet looking and feeling their best! Dos If you have diabetes or poor circulation in your feet, consult […]

EMR Integrated Pain Pump

Pain Pump

Pfizer’s Hospira launches first patient-controlled pain pump integrated into EMR Despite all the innovation in med tech on so many fronts, it’s often a slow process to see those efforts incorporated into patient care in a way that could improve their treatment and aid healthcare providers. Now, Hospira is debuting a device that seems a […]

Diabetics Increased Healthcare Spending

Diabetics Increased Healthcare Spending

Diabetics Increased Healthcare Spending Spending for people with diabetes is over $10,000 higher per capita than for those without Diabetics Increased Healthcare Spending – In 2014, health care spending for people with diabetes covered by employer-sponsored insurance (ESI) grew at a much faster pace, rising nearly six percent compared to 3.2 percent for people without […]

Supersizing Hospitals


Supersizing Hospitals Hospitals are gearing up for overweight patients, with super-sized equipment, surgical tools, and furniture. The South and Midwest are especially hard-hit by obesity, but the trend holds true across the nation, according to Robert Cima, a colorectal surgeon with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. One of the fastest-growing industries in surgery is […]

Back to School Shoes

Back-to-School Shoes

Back to School Shoes Back-to-School Shoe Shopping Tips – Before you head to the store to buy your kids’ shoes, follow these helpful guidelines from the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons to help prevent or minimize foot problems from poorly fitting or worn-out shoes.

Difference Between a Broken Ankle and a Torn Ligament

Broken Ankle and a Torn Ligament

If you are suffering from ankle pain, it can be hard to tell if you are suffering from a broken ankle or a torn ligament. Once you experience ankle pain, you should see a podiatrist to receive the proper diagnosis and treatment options, possibly ankle ligament reconstruction surgery. What is a Broken Ankle? If you […]

Walk Like a Penguin

Walk Like a Penguin How to Walk on Ice Without Falling – Walk like a Penguin Planning a holiday trip back east or north to the mountains for winter sports?   Follow these tips to prevent falling on icy, snowy surfaces…

Falls Prevention Awareness Day

Falls Prevention

Falls Prevention Awareness Day   Thursday, September 22, 2016 Falls Prevention Awareness Day The 9th annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day (FPAD) will be observed on Sept. 22, 2016—the first day of fall. The event raises awareness about how to prevent fall-related injuries among older adults. The theme of this year’s event is  Ready, Steady, Balance: Prevent Falls in […]

National Park Service Centennial

National Park Service Centennial

  National Park Service Centennial  The National Park Service was created in 1916, and America’s national parks have given us a century of wide open space and natural beauty. Here’s to many centuries to come. They’re yours you know. You own them. Remember last year, the year before, or maybe the year before that? But […]

Keep Feet Safe at the Gym

Keep Feet Safe at the Gym

Keep Feet Safe at the Gym The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons offers tips for foot safety while at the gym. Start new workouts gradually– Increase your stamina and the length of your workouts gradually to avoid overuse injuries such as stress fractures or tendon strains and sprains. Stretching your muscles before and […]

Limiting Opioid Painkiller Prescriptions – CDC Issues Guidelines 

Opioid Painkiller

Limiting Opioid Painkiller Prescriptions – CDC Issues Guidelines  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have unveiled long-awaited guidelines to limit prescriptions of opioid painkillers in order to prevent overuse. The guidelines recommend limiting opioid prescriptions for patients suffering short-term. Acute pain to three days or less in most conditions and say that more than […]

The Five Largest Healthcare Provider Systems


Health Records Evolution: Pledges to Propel Healthcare Forward The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Sylvia Burwell announced that the Obama administration has received commitments from various healthcare companies to help improve the flow of electronic health records (EHRs). Physicians and healthcare organizations around the country have longed for EHR improvements, particularly […]