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Achilles Tendon Treatment

The Achilles tendon Treatment is the largest and strongest tendon in the human body, connecting the calf muscles to the heel bone. While extremely resilient, the Achilles tendon is also prone to injury, especially among active individuals and athletes. At Arizona Foot, located at 7304 E Deer Valley Road Ste #100 in Scottsdale, AZ, our team of expert podiatrists specializes in diagnosing and treating all forms of Achilles tendon disorders. Whether you're suffering from Achilles tendinitis, tendinosis, or a full or partial tear, you can trust our decades of experience to get you back on your feet.

Understanding Achilles Tendon Injuries

The Achilles tendon undergoes an immense amount of stress and strain with walking, running, and jumping activities. Over time, this repetitive pressure can cause the tendon fibers to break down, resulting in pain, stiffness, and infection. Some of the most common Achilles tendon injuries we treat include:

Achilles Tendinitis

This condition refers to inflammation within the Achilles tendon, usually due to overuse. Symptoms include pain along the back of the heel that worsens with activity, swelling, stiffness, and limited range of motion.

Achilles Tendinosis 

Chronic overuse can lead to degeneration within the tendon as the fibers begin to break down and swell. Tendinosis is characterized by nodules or thickening along the tendon's length.

Achilles Tendon Rupture

A sudden pop or snap in the back of the leg could indicate a full or partial tear of the Achilles tendon. This acute injury causes immediate and severe pain, swelling, bruising, and an inability to bend the foot or bear weight.

Insertional Achilles Tendinitis

This type of tendinitis affects the portion of the tendon that inserts into the heel bone. Bone spurs often accompany this condition, causing increased pain and irritation where the tendon attaches.

Comprehensive Treatment Plans

At Arizona Foot, we believe in creating customized treatment plans based on each patient's unique needs. Our podiatrists conduct comprehensive critiques, which include an evaluation of your signs and symptoms, clinical records, and a physical exam. Depending on the severity of your harm. We may also order imaging assessments like X-rays, ultrasounds, or MRIs to get a higher view of the damaged tendon.

For mild to moderate Achilles tendon Treatment issues, we typically begin with conservative treatment methods aimed at reducing inflammation and pain. Some of our non-surgical options include:

Immobilization & Rest

Taking a break from aggravating activities allows the tendon to rest and begin healing. We may recommend using a walking boot or cast to limit mobility.

Physical Therapy

Targeted stretches and exercises can improve flexibility, strength, and range of motion in the affected area while also preventing future injury.


Custom foot orthotics help correct biomechanical issues that may be contributing to tendon strain, such as overpronation or high arches.


Over-the-counter anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen can provide relief from swelling and discomfort. In some cases, we may recommend corticosteroid injections.

Shockwave Therapy 

This non-invasive treatment uses high-energy sound waves to stimulate healing and break up scar tissue within the damaged tendon.

PRP & Stem Cell Injections

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapies leverage your body's own healing mechanisms to accelerate the recovery of chronic tendon injuries.

While many Achilles tendon Treatment issues are resolved with proper rest and conservative care. Some severe cases may warrant surgical intervention. Our team has extensive experience performing the latest and most advanced surgical techniques, including:

Achilles Tendon Treatment

This outpatient surgery is used to reattach a fully ruptured or torn Achilles tendon. Our surgeons use strong sutures to reconnect the ends of the tendon.

Gastrocnemius Recession 

For insertional Achilles tendinitis, this procedure lengthens the calf muscles to reduce strain on the portion of the tendon that attaches to the heel bone.

Debridement & Repair

If the tendon has deteriorated substantially, debridement involves removing the damaged portions before repairing the remaining healthy tendon fibers.

Tendon Transfers

For patients with chronic, unrepairable tears, a tendon transfer may be recommended to restore function using a graft from another tendon.

Physical Therapy for Long-Term Recovery

Regardless of whether your Achilles tendon injury is treated surgically or non-surgically. A comprehensive rehabilitation program through physical therapy is a crucial step in facilitating a full recovery. At our Scottsdale sanatorium, we work hand-in-hand with physical therapists to make certain you regain mobility, energy, and versatility while also helping to prevent future accidents from ordinary.

Your therapy will progress gradually based on your healing process. It often begins with simple exercises to improve range of motion and flexibility once swelling has diminished. Light strengthening exercises are added over time, followed by more vigorous stretches and sport-specific training closer to your targeted return to full activity.

Trust the Experience of Arizona Foot's Achilles Tendon Treatment Specialists

At Arizona Foot, we understand that Achilles tendon injuries can be painful, debilitating, and detrimental to your active lifestyle. That's why we take an individualized, team-based approach to treatment that covers every aspect of your recovery - from accurate diagnosis to surgical intervention if needed, immobilization, physical therapy, and long-term prevention strategies.  

Our podiatrists have treated thousands of Achilles tendon conditions over the decades. Ensuring we can handle even the most complex cases effectively. Don't let an Achilles injury keep you sidelined. Call us today at 480.342.9999 to schedule an evaluation at our Scottsdale office at 7304 E Deer Valley Road Ste #100. We'll have you back on your feet and pursuing the activities you love, pain-free.


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