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Patient attitude towards diabetic foot ulcers has significant impact

Diabetic Patients’ Attitude Affects Survival New research by health psychologists has shown that the beliefs and expectations of people with diabetic foot ulcers about their illness have a significant independent effect on their survival. The study was led by researchers at The University of Nottingham. It set out to expand on an area of previous […]

A Guide to Foot Health for Diabetic Foot Care Tips

Foot Health Facts for Diabetics Having diabetes increases the risk of developing a wide range of foot problems, often because of two complications of the disease: nerve damage (neuropathy) and poor circulation. Foot Health Facts for Diabetics – For those with diabetes, foot problems such as the following can lead to serious complications: 

The Unsung Success of a Diabetes Prevention Program

Diabetes Program Success The Unsung Success of a Diabetes Prevention Program More than 86 million people have prediabetes, and the numbers continue to grow. While articles appear every day touting new breakthroughs in treatment, many of these never pan out. In contrast, a new program put forth by Medicare has shown fantastic preventive results, with little […]