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Weight-Bearing Computed Tomography

Weight-Bearing Computed Tomography and Rotational Dynamics of the Normal Distal Tibiofibular Joint Little is known about the normal rotational dynamics of the distal tibiofibular (ankle) joint in upright weight-bearing conditions. Researchers conducted a study to assess these dynamics on weight-bearing cone beam computed tomography (WBCT), under physiological conditions. Thirty-two patients received low-dose WBCT scans, and […]

Pets on Parade

Love your pets?  We do too!  Here is the first of many furry friends who are part of the family at F&ACofAZ. Kenneth Hegewald, DPM shares his German Sheperd, Jaycie with you… Jaycie Rae Hegewald is my 4 year old long hair German Shepherd.  She has been mine since she was one day old.  We have been […]