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Are You at Fall Risk?

Are you concerned about your balance?

There are number of things that will contribute to your balance problem:
Fall Risk brace

  • High Blood pressure
  • Vascular problem
  • Stiff Joints/ Arthritis
  • Foot and ankle pain
  • Old injuries
  • Weak muscles

These types of balance problems increase fall risk. When you are at high fall risk, you have more of a chance of losing your independence.

Facts on Falls

  • Almost 1/3 of seniors experience a fall each year
  • Falls related injuries are the leading cause of accidental deaths & Emergency room admissions among seniors
  • If you have fallen, there is a 50% chance you will fall again
  • Almost 50% of all fall victims have to reduce their activity level after the incident

Repetitive falling cycle can be changed by proper evaluation, let us help to evaluate your feet.
Dr. Di Nucci can evaluate your balance and help you with a custom made brace.