Customizing Medical Treatments

  Customizing Medical Treatments Chances are your doctor has stopped taking notes with pen and paper and moved to computer records. That is supposed to help coordinate your care. Increasingly, researchers are also exploring these computerized records for medical studies and gleaning facts that help individual patients get better care. Computerized medical records are hardly […]

Success, Failure in Diabetic Neuropathy

 Success, Failure in Diabetic Neuropathy Success, Failure in Diabetic Neuropathy – The American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) most recent guidelines revise neuropathy recommendations last published in 2004. The document, published in Diabetes Care, addresses prevention and management of distal symmetric polyneuropathy*, diabetic autonomic neuropathies, including cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy**, and other forms of neuropathy. According to the […]

Synthetic Spider Silk

Synthetic Spider Silk A study published in Nature Chemical Biology describes an efficient way to produce artificial spider silk or Synthetic Spider Silk, which scientists believe could be used for biomedical applications, such as repairing wounds and controlling bleeding. Formerly, the complexity and size of the proteins used by spiders to spin silk has presented […]

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