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Non-Surgical Procedures

How Shockwave Therapy Can Heal Plantar Fasciitis

We have talked about shock wave therapy before and the many benefits of this treatment option. It can also be a safe and effective treatment for those suffering from plantar fasciitis.  Of course, whenever you are suffering from foot or ankle pain, you should always see our foot and ankle doctor in Scottsdale. A proper […]

What are the benefits of shock wave therapy?

Ankle and foot conditions can be painful, but no one wants to undergo dangerous surgery to find relief. Luckily, non-surgical procedures such as shockwave therapy, can be an effective and safe treatment option. What Is Shockwave Therapy? The minimally invasive procedure is highly effective and safe. Cleared by the FDA, patients only need to go […]

What Are The Symptoms Of Tibial Tendon Dysfunction?

When the posterior tibial tendon is inflamed or torn, it is known as tibial tendon dysfunction. This is actually a common foot and ankle problem. The tibial tendon attached the calf muscle to the inside of the foot. It holds the arch and supports the foot when walking. The tendon needs to provide stability and […]

Are You Suffering from Diabetic Foot Pain?

Diabetes is not only dangerous to your overall health, but it also negatively impacts your feet. Some diabetic foot pain can be unbearable, leading to extreme treatment such as surgery, including amputation. How Diabetes Impacts Your Feet If you are suffering from diabetes then you could also be experiencing diabetic foot pain and other issues […]

What Do I Do When My Ankle Won’t Properly Heal?

When ankle injuries don’t heal properly it can lead to chronic ankle instability and pain. After your current treatment plan fails, adjustments need to be made and some patients need to undergo torn ligament ankle surgery for relief.  Treating Injured Ankle Heals Properly With the right treatment plan such as rest, ice, elevation, and compression, […]

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