Monthly Archives: December 2016

Up in Smoke

Another Reason to Quit Another reason to quit, the list of reasons you shouldn’t smoke has gotten longer. Researchers in Turkey have found that cigarette smokers have significantly thinner Achilles and patellar (knee cap) tendons. Objectives—The aim of this study was to explore the sonographic (ultrasound) and elastographic properties of patellar and Achilles tendons in smoking […]

Copper Fights Infections

  Copper Fights Infections Best Practices: Using copper to fight infections   Copper fights Infections in Grinell Iowa.  Two years ago, Grinnell (Iowa) Regional Medical Center, a 49-bed rural hospital, began running an experiment. After the thorough scrubdown (terminal cleaning) a room receives after a patient is discharged —germ levels were still rebounding, even when the […]

Value-Based Drug Pricing

Value-Based Drug Pricing AMA Embraces Value-Based Drug Pricing The American Medical Association Tuesday announced it supports initiatives “aimed at changing the fundamentals of prescription drug pricing without compromising patient outcomes and access.” Its new policy was adopted at the AMA’s interim meeting in Orlando, Fla., over the weekend. Incorporating Benefits and Cost The AMA says […]