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Protect Feet & Ankles During Fall Yardwork

Protect Feet & Ankles During Fall Yardwork Protect Feet & Ankles During Fall Yardwork – As you rake leaves this fall and prepare your yard for the winter ahead, follow these tips to help keep your feet and ankles safe from injury: Wear the right shoes. No matter how mild the weather may be, don’t […]

Why Women’s Feet Hurt More in Autumn

Why Women’s Feet Hurt More in Autumn Fall is not a fun time for women like Elaine Powers. In the summer months, “like everybody else, I like to wear flip-flop sandals, open-toed shoes, a nice pedicure with good nail polish,” she says. But as autumn arrives, the 49-year-old South Carolina hospice nurse is making the […]

Fit Feet Finish Faster

Runners: Fit Feet Finish Faster Both long-distance runners and casual joggers can improve their performance by keeping their feet in top condition and taking steps to control foot problems common in runners, according to the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. “The human foot is a biological masterpiece that amazingly endures the stresses of […]

Post-Op Pain Management

Post-Op Pain Management Foot and ankle surgeons share reassuring insight on managing pain after surgery Chicago, August 31, 2016 – Post-Op Pain Management – With any surgical procedures comes reasonable concerns. Depending on the person, your mind could start racing anywhere from the seriousness of your condition, to the procedure itself, to out of pocket […]

Reducing Hospital Readmissions

Reducing Hospital Readmissions Great job reducing hospital readmissions (but it’s about to get harder) Reducing Hospital Readmissions – If unnecessary hospital readmissions are, as some suggest, the low-hanging fruit in the pursuit of better healthcare, hospitals should get ready to pluck less and less. Hospital administrators have had years—four since Medicare’s Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program […]